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How can I enter?
This is the best part. You can play on the Internet, over the phone or through any one of over 270 TAB Agencies throughout the state.

How often can I play Favourite Numbers?
Currently we have two draws each week. One completed on a Saturday, which closes at 10.00am, and one completed on a Wednesday, which closes at 7.45pm on Tuesday.

Are there systems entries?
Yes, we have systems 8 to 16.

Check out this table for costs.

Systems Number Number of Combinations Total Costs
8 8 $4.00
9 36 $18.00
10 120 $60.00
11 330 $165.00
12 792 $396.00
13 1,716 $858.00
14 3,432 $1716.00
15 6,435 $3217.00
16 11,440 $5720.00

Tell me about the draw?
When the pool closes the 30 numbers are randomly allocated to the first six races at the five major thoroughbred race meetings on the draw day. You can see the draw in Wednesday or Saturday's West Australian Newspaper, on teletext (page 747), in any TAB agency or on the web site

You will see allocations like:

1 - BR1 2 - BR4 3 - MR2 4 - MR5 5 - AR3 6 - AR5
7 - MR3 8 - BR6 9 - MR4 10 - MR6 11 - PR5 12 - SR5
13 - PR3 14 - AR1 15 - SR4 16 - MR1 17 - PR1 18 - PR6
19 - BR2 20 - SR2 21 - AR4 22 - PR2 23 - SR6 24 - BR3
25 - SR3 26 - SR1 27 - PR4 28 - AR2 29 - BR5 30 - AR6

AR refers to Adelaide Races (Races in South Australia)
BR refers to Brisbane Races (Races in Queensland)
CR refers to Country Races (Races in country WA)
MR refers to Melbourne Races (Races in Victoria)
PR Refers to Perth Races (Races in Western Australia)
SR Refers to Sydney Races (Races in New South Wales)

For example 7 – MR3 means the number 7 has been allocated to Melbourne Race 3.
This race will be run in Victoria.
If the horse that starts the race as WA TAB favourite wins the race then the number 7 is a winner. If it is one of your selections you have a winning Favourite Number.

How do I fill out a ticket?
Click here for information on the Favourite Numbers ticket.

Abandoned and postponed races
If a race is abandoned or postponed, then the Favourite Number allocated to it is reallocated to the first available race from the list of substitute races. It is possible that this race may have already been run. There may be a need to use substitute races, which could include trotting and greyhound events.

What happens if there is a dead heat?
In the case of the 'favourite' being in a dead heat for first, the number allocated to that race is still a winning number.

What happens in the case of scratchings?
If the favourite is scratched, the new favourite will be the runner with the next highest value of win bets on it.

How much have I won?
The Favourite Numbers dividend is declared for each winning combination.

This table shows the number of winning combinations you should receive for your systems ticket if all of your selections are winning Favourite Numbers.

Number of Correct Selections Number of Winning Combinations
7 1
8 8
9 36
10 120
11 330
12 792
13 1,716
14 3,432
15 6,435
16 11,440

Can I let the computer pick my numbers for me?
Sure, we call that having a Pot Luck entry. Place a blank ticket in the terminal and you will get two games in the next draw to be completed and pay $1.00. You can specify the draw in which you have your Pot Luck entry by marking the Sat or Mid option and you can use the advance purchase option as well.

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