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What is a Favourite Numbers game?
Favourite Numbers is a random numbers game just like the ones you're familiar with but with a lot of extra excitement in the draw.

You need only pick 7 numbers from 1 to 30 inclusive. They can be special dates, such as birthday’s and anniversaries or street numbers or even your favourite footy player's jumper number.

Where do I start?
There are two pools per week, one on a Saturday and one on a Wednesday. Decide which one you want to enter. We are happy for you to play both, but you need a separate ticket for each game.

Simply mark Mid OR Sat as illustrated. Mark 7 numbers in the entry 1 box. Now mark the 1 in the Week box and take the ticket to the machine. This will cost you 50 cents.

You can have a second game by selecting seven numbers in the Entry 2 box and pay just $1.00

What happens to the money?
With Favourite Numbers 75% of each dollar invested is returned to players as winnings. This compares very favourably to other games that return as little as 60% of investments to players. The other funds are used to pay a dividend to the WA State Government and the WA Racing Industry.

What if I go on holiday?
No problem, if you’re travelling and can’t get your entry in, you can use our advanced purchase feature. If you mark 1 on your ticket you are in the next draw for the game you have selected (Sat or Mid-week). If you select 2 you are entered into the draw the week after that and so on by marking 3, 4 or 5. You can not mark more than one week on any single ticket.

What's a Jackpot?
If fewer than 7 Favourite Numbers are winners, half the prize pool will be paid to players with 6 Favourite Numbers. If there are no players with 6 numbers, the payment will be made to players with 5 Favourite Numbers and so on.

The other half of the payout pool is carried forward to the next draw. Saturday jackpots will go to the next Saturday game and Wednesday jackpots will go to the next Wednesday game.

What does it cost to play?
Favourite Numbers costs from as little as 50 cents to play. You can increase your chances of winning by spending a little extra by taking more numbers in each Favourite Numbers entry. See the table below for costs. The maximum selection of numbers per entry is 16.

Number of Selections on One Entry Number of Combinations Total Costs
7 1 $0.50
8 8 $4.00
9 36 $18.00
10 120 $60.00
11 330 $165.00
12 792 $396.00
13 1,716 $858.00
14 3,432 $1716.00
15 6,435 $3217.00
16 11,440 $5720.00

Do I need to know about horse racing to play?
No, you don't need to know a thing about horses and in fact if you did, it wouldn't help you anyway. The numbers are allocated to the races randomly after selling closes so players can't pick their numbers based upon knowledge of fields or runners. Of course the favourite has to win for the number to be successful.

Is there an age limit for Favourite Numbers players?
Yes, all our players MUST be 18 years of age or older.

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